About Us

Bicycling 100 miles in one day is an impressive feat — a major goal to finish off a full season of training and an item to cross off your bucket list. How about riding more than six times that distance in just one week? What would bring together a group of otherwise sane and mature individuals to take on that challenge?

Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer is an annual week long, 620-mile bike ride following Florida’s East Coast Greenway to increase cancer awareness and raise funds to support the search for a cure. Each year, Curt’s Team departs from Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island (at the Georgia/Florida border) and cycles 75 to 100 miles each day to arrive at the Southernmost Point marker in Key West on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend.

Curt’s Ride was established in 2010 as a tribute to Curt Ewald, a friend who died of cancer that year. Virtually everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. The Curt’s Ride team sets a fundraising goal each year of around $25,000 for the American Cancer Society to honor friends and family members lost to cancer.

What can you do?

On behalf of those affected by cancer, the “Curt’s Ride” team members are asking for your help and support for our project. You can do this in any of several ways:

  • Join the “Curt’s Ride” Team. Become one of the riders, and participate in the adventure!
  • Get the word out. Let everyone know, and see if they will join in or lend their support.
  • Contribute. The fastest and easiest way to contribute is online.
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