Curts Ride 2019 – It’s on!

Yes, it is official – we are going it again! In just under three months we will embark on the 2019 version of Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer, our annual 620-mile bike ride down the east coast of Florida to help fund cancer cure research.

So yeah, we are once again way, way, way tardy in letting everyone know. We could give some lame excuse about how we had a meteor fall on the house or something. But instead we will just admit that we put the crass in procrastination, and move on.

You are getting this message because at some point you rode in a previous iteration of Curt’s Ride, or you expressed an interest in Curt’s Ride, or you have expressed enough concerns about your sanity that we thought you were a perfect candidate for this adventure, or we thought you don’t get enough email. Any of those are sufficient reason for us to ask if you are interested in joining the “Curt’s Team” riders this year. No matter how you are connected with us, and whether you want to ride, provide support, drive the sag wagon, or party with us in Key West, all are welcome!

So with that in mind, we have a question for you : Are you in for this year’s ride? Would you like to join us in Florida for the 2019 Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer? Do you have a serious or maybe not-so-serious interest in participating, helping with the ride, or just following along and drinking margaritas in the back of the support van? If any of those options seem possible, could you please let us know as soon as possible, along with your level of confidence about being able to make it.

As for the ride itself, we will be returning to Florida this year (presuming no new hurricanes!). Once again we will approximately follow the East Coast Greenway down the Atlantic coast of Florida. Shown below is the schedule for the ride. As before, this schedule is based primarily on how we have done prior rides. Expect that we will change the ride length each day based on our progress, how the team feels, weather, and our riding pace. As always, flexibility will be key for this trip!

Oct 4 – Travel to Jacksonville, FL.
Oct 5 – Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach to Daytona Beach, ~115 miles
Oct 6 – Daytona Beach to Cocoa Beach, ~87 miles
Oct 7 – Cocoa Beach to Fort Pierce, ~75 miles
Oct 8 – Fort Pierce to Boca Raton, ~90 miles
Oct 9 – Boca Raton – rest day
Oct 10 – Boca Raton to Homestead, ~85 miles
Oct 11 – Homestead to Long Key, ~65 miles
Oct 12 – Long Key to Key West, ~70 miles
Oct 13 – Recovery!
Oct 14 – Columbus Day recovery from recovery, and head home

Our goal is to have this whole adventure be fun and personally rewarding while we do something meaningful to help the American Cancer Society and cancer survivors. If you are riding, you will be pushing yourself to complete a physically demanding task. But we will not push anyone beyond their ability. Ride at a pace that is comfortable, and you can be sure that there will be others that will match your pace. Enjoy the scenery, the route we will ride, and the company we will all be keeping, and you will have a great time. Use this as an opportunity to leave work problems, social anxiety disorder, worries about whether or not you turned off the stove, and other stresses completely behind, and just enjoy the process of making your feet go round and round just over one-third of a million times (yes, we actually figured this out).

We will be sending out another note in the next few days with details about the updated “Curts Ride” web site, links to the new ACS donations site, initial jersey information, and some great news about a new partner organization that we will be working with this year.

-Dave and Stacey

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