Where do we ride?

Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer follows the East Coast Greenway (ECG) from Fernandina Beach (north-east of Jacksonville, just below the Georgia-Florida border) down the east coast of Florida and on to Key West. But “following the route” is really a somewhat loose description of what we actually expect to happen. Frequent side trips, getting lost, stopping for lunch, getting lost, fixing flat tires, getting lost, repairing bike chains, getting lost, stopping for more lunch, getting lost, stopping for an after lunch drink, and getting lost are all expected to figure prominently in our daily activities.

The ECG is a great route, and Florida is a very bike-friendly state. Much of the ECG is dedicated paved bike path. For the sections where we share the road there are wide, well marked bike-only lanes or very broad paved shoulders. In addition, Florida has very nice bike separation laws that specify a generous stand-off distance to be maintained by motor vehicles. In our experience, Florida drivers have been very respectful of this and have been very accommodating when sharing the road with bikes.

A detailed breakdown of the ECG route is available on their web site, or click here for aGoogle Maps version.

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