Sign up for Curt’s Ride

To join in the ride, you just need to do two things:

First: Let us know! We need to know that you want to ride with the team so we can include you in all the team communications, logistics arrangements, etc. For right now, the best way to do this is to send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Your name, address, cell phone, and e-mail
  • Will you be riding the whole ride?
  • Note that we don’t need an absolute, cast in concrete promise to be there. But on the spectrum from “will come only if I win the lottery first” to “will sacrifice my first born before I miss it,” we would like an indication of your likelihood of being able to make it.

Second: Go to the team page and click on the “Join Our Team” button to become an official team member and set up your fund-raising page.  After you sign on as a team member, we will be in touch with you occasionally for additional info (e.g. a brief bio and photo to include on the team web page, schedule/meal/lodging logistics, liability waiver information, etc.).

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