Cost to participate

If you are one of the Curt’s Team riders, then we are already asking a lot of you. You are already giving up a big chunk of your time to participate in the ride, and a big chunk of your efforts to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. So we try very hard to minimize any additional costs for participation.

Here is a list of the expenses you should expect to cover:

  • Your travel expenses
  • Getting your bike to/from the start and end of the ride
  • Your lodging each night
  • Your meals and snacks
  • Getting your bike ready, and any repairs/service/parts required during the ride

This is what Curt’s Ride Foundation will provide:

  • The support van
  • Water and fluids at each rest stop, as we catch up with the support van
  • Moving your luggage from morning to evening locations each riding day
  • A reasonably well outfitted tool kit for minor-to-moderate bike repairs
  • A supply of spare tubes and tires, available at cost if needed
  • A great experience that you will remember for a very long time
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